Driving To Positano Tips – Part 3

6 Quick Mini-Tips


driving to PositanoWelcome to the third and final post in our Driving to Positano tips series. (You can read part 1 and part 2 of this series for more tips).

In this post we’ll talk about a few things you should know to protect yourself and give you peace of mind when doing the drive yourself.

So here we go:

#1 Get the Insurance

If you’re renting a car and driving the Amalfi coast, get the insurance if you can – as much as you can afford. It will give you a lot more peace of mind (especially when seeing how people drive around Italy) and it could save you a lot, should someone sideswipe your car.

Remember to check the car over before you drive it off the lot for any scrapes – so you aren’t held responsible for damages that were already present when you took the car.


Road ViewDon’t worry about making other drivers behind you impatient. They’ll get over it. Take things slowly – especially at first as you get used to the landscape, roads and driving conditions.

The road to Positano is extremely winding with a lot of hairpin turns. At times it practically hugs the cliffs with nothing but a drop straight down to the rocks on one side.

Also, the large city buses tend to come barrelling around those turns at full speed (or slightly less) – which can be startling. Remember, these drivers have been doing this route for years – you haven’t. So it’s best to give them the right of way.

#3 Call Your Hotel Ahead of Time

It never hurts to call your hotel ahead of time and ask them about parking. Some hotels have parking on site – but many have arrangements with local garages. So they can tell you which garage to park at (and sometimes you’ll actually get a deal on parking).


#4 Expect To Pay Parking Fees

Almost every hotel in Positano will charge for parking (except the gorgeous Il San Pietro where parking is included as of this writing). However, daily parking fees can vary – from 20 Euros up to 40  Euros a day. So it never hurts to consider this when booking.

Capri IslandAlso, some hotels and/or garages (not all) will offer extended parking. So if you want to leave your car there and stay in Capri (or Ischia) for a few nights, it’s not a problem.

#5 Some Good News

While driving to Positano can be a little harrowing as far the road goes – there is really only one main highway to take (the SS163). So getting lost is really hard to do. You’ll probably find navigation pretty easy.

#6 One Last Tip

If you’re driving into Positano, try to avoid (if at all possible) weekends, holidays and rush-hours. During holidays and rush-hour especially, traffic can be really congested and can add an hour or more to your drive.

So those are some of the main tips on driving to Positano. For more tips, make sure to read part 1 and part 2 of this series.

Good luck and enjoy the views!

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