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Why A Website About Positano?


Kate in PositanoBecause we love it – that’s why! My husband and I discovered Positano 5 years ago while on a Mediterranean cruise and absolutely fell in love with it!

We’ve been back every year since – sometimes twice a year. If there is a place that is close to heaven on earth for me, it’s this beautiful town built into the cliffs of the Amafli Coast.

Although many Europeans know about this hidden gem already, far fewer North American tourists have discovered it – and have a lot of questions!

I started this website out of my love for this sleepy fishing village-turned-jetsetter getaway.

Since I spend so much time there, a lot of people started asking me about it, where to stay, which hotels are best, what to do, how to see the entire Amalfi coast from Positano and more. Now I just refer them to this website for answers!

Positano Main BeachI hope you can use this website –  WhereToStayInPositano.com – to help you plan the most amazing trip to Positano and the beautiful Amalfi coast.

You’ll find tips on the most popular hotels, locations, restaurants, what to know before you go, how to get around and more!

If you’d like to add your own contribution/opinion/review or video, I would love to hear from you – use the Contact us page to get in touch.

There’s no place in the world like Positano – I hope after reading this website you will agree – and use these tips to get the most from your vacation!

Ciao! – Jennifer

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