Best Time To Visit Positano

When Should You Visit Positano?


positano1So when’s the best time to visit Positano? Well that really depends on what you want.

There is a “peak” season to Positano when temperatures are high, tourists are thick on the beach and the sun is beaming.

But there are also benefits to going off season too.

So here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know – so you can make the choice for the best time to visit Positano for you!



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Positano – Peak Season


The peak season in Positano (and the Amalfi Coast in general) is from May to the end of September. The ultra-peak (aka “peak-peak”) season is June, July and August.

Benefits of Peak Season: The benefits of going during the peak season are that everything is open: restaurants, hotels, services, cafes tours, ferries and hydrofoils, etc. The weather is warm to hot with maximum sunshine and minimum rain during these months.

The average temperature in July for example is 31°C or 87°F. At night the average temperature drops down to around 20°C or 68°F. Average precipitation is about 1 inch (per month) and you get about 13 hours of daylight.


Positano Main Beach


Also, during peak season, you can enjoy the beach (whereas at other times, it can be a bit too chilly).

Basically, Positano during peak season is a lot of fun – and a great time for people watching and taking advantage of everything Positano has to offer.


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Drawbacks of Peak Season: The main drawback is that hotel rates are highest during the peak season – especially July, August and September.

Because this town is in such high demand, it’s also harder to get a good hotel as the quality 4 and 5 star hotels fill up months (even years) in advance. So you have to book early.


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Balcony View of Positano


Another drawback is that the town can get really busy during the day – especially if there are few cruise ships in the Naples port.

(Then again, the crowds here are NOTHING compared to the crowds in Capri – thanks to the narrower roads that preclude huge cruise tour buses).


Positano – Winding Down/Up Season


These are the months that sandwich the peak season months – April and October. These months are usually the wind-up or wind down to the peak season months.

Villa Gabisa RestaurantYou will find most restaurants, hotels, tours and shops open during these months – however services may be somewhat limited and you might not get to enjoy every amenity that Positano has to offer.

On the plus side however, hotel prices are much cheaper than during peak season and temperatures are just slightly lower as during peak season. So you might still be able to go in the ocean if the weather cooperates.

For example the average temperature in October is 23°C or 74°F. It has been as high as 36°C. At night the temperature can drop however as low as 13°C – so it’s best to take a light jacket or sweater for the evenings.

You also get less rain than in off-season – but slightly more than during peak season. So your chances of a rainy day are going to be a bit higher than during peak season.

On the downside, while the SITA buses run all year round, the ferry/hydrofoil times are drastically reduced during these months and sometimes don’t run at all.

So you may have to get creative if you want to see the Amalfi coast by hydrofoil (there are more hydrofoil options if you go to the port of naples or even Sorrento).



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Positano Off-Peak Season


The off-peak season in Positano is basically from November to March. You’ll still find some of hotels open here – however service will be limited. Some rooms may be closed off and a lot of restaurants won’t be open (although you’ll certainly be able to find places to eat).


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Temperatures are lower and you probably won’t be able to go swimming at the beach at all. Ferry service is pretty much non-existent although the bus system and private car/transfer services still run.

The average temperature for February for example is 13°C or 55°F. At night, temperatures can go as low as 5°C or 41°F. The daylight hours are also shortened and you have a higher chance of rain as well.


On the plus side, the town is much less crowded so you can explore at your leisure – and hotel prices are extremely cheap. So you can get a better hotel for the money.

So those are some tips on the best time to go to Positano. It really depends on what’s important to you (high temperatures, lots of sun, cheaper hotels, ability to ferry to Capri, etc.)

But overall the best time to visit Positano in my opinion? Whenever you can!


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