Covo Dei Saraceni vs Hotel Poseidon – Which To Choose For Honeymoon?

covo dei saraceni vs hotel poseidonI recently got a question via email and I decided to make a post about it since more people might be interested in hearing the answer:


I am in the process of booking our honeymoon and we are torn between Hotel Poseidon and Covo Dei Saraceni in Positano.

We are a young couple and both places look great. I know it is about personal preference but since you have experience, which would you choose? Pros and Cons?” – Sam H.


First of all, great choices! I’ve been to both hotels and both places are beautiful. I also like the fact that they both have amazing pools and sundecks (although the sundeck on the Covo Dei Saraceni is slightly smaller than the Poseidon hotel).


Covo Dei Saraceni vs Hotel Poseidon
Covo Dei Saraceni Hotel – Positano


It really comes down to a few different things. Here’s a list of the pros and cons between these two hotels:


#1 Location

A lot of people prefer the Covo Dei Saraceni because it’s right on the main beach. So you’re literally steps away to the ferries (that take you to Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi – very easy to do day trips).


Restaurant View From Covo Dei Saraceni
Restaurant View From Covo Dei Saraceni



It’s also walking distance to the Fornillo beach as well and it’s close to the “Positano on the Rocks” if you want to go dancing.

I also like the fact that you can sit out on the pool and literally look down on the beach – which is handy if the beach is especially overcrowded and you want a more private sun-worshipping experience.

However on the other hand, the Hotel Poseidon is a bit higher up the hill. This makes it closer to the buses (which are a bit cheaper than the ferries) if you want to do trips that way.


covo dei saraceni vs hotel poseidon
Hotel Poseidon outside


Also, the Hotel Poseidon is on the road – which means it’s easier for your driver (or you, if you’re driving) to pull up to the hotel to drop you off.

If you stay at the Covo, you’ll be dropped up just above town and have to walk downhill through the town to the beach to get to the Covo. This isn’t bad when you get there since you’re going downhill almost all the way.

But coming up, you’ll want to get a porter to take your bags up to meet your taxi. Again, not a big problem but it’s something to keep in mind.


Room at Hotel Poseidon
Room at Hotel Poseidon



#2 Price

In general the Covo Dei Saraceni will be a bit more expensive. You’re paying for the location.

And it’s also a 5 star vs the Hotel Poseidon which is a 4 star. So the rooms are just slightly nicer (I personally don’t see that much of a difference – but it also depends on what kind of room or suite you get).


covo dei saraceni vs hotel poseidon
Pool at the Covo Dei Saraceni



#3 Pool

Both hotels have AMAZING pools and deck areas. I think the Covo’s is a bit more glamorous (because you’re looking down on the beach area and ferry docks). However it is a smaller sundeck than the Hotel Poseidon. And in busy seasons, the pool area chairs fill up quite fast – so you have to get there early to claim your seat.

The Hotel Poseidon pool area is larger – so you won’t be fighting as much for a lounge chair. And you get a gorgeous view of the entire hillside of Positano leading down to the water. So it depends on what you’re looking for.


Hotel Poseidon Pool area
Hotel Poseidon Pool area



#4 Restaurants

Both hotels are near a lot of great restaurants. However something to keep in mind is that the restaurants around the Covo seem to be a bit higher priced (again you’re paying for the location on the beach) than the restaurants higher up the hill.

Also, there are some restaurants that will pick you up in a shuttle bus and drive you up the hill to their restaurant (La Tagliatta is one you MUST ask your concierge about!)

If you stay at the Covo, you’ll have to walk up through town a bit to reach the shuttle. If you’re at the Poseidon you’ll probably be picked up at the door.


Hotel Poseidon Pool
Hotel Poseidon Pool


#5 View

Both hotels have amazing views of Positano from the rooms. The Hotel Poseidon views are a bit more of the sloping hills of Positano whereas the views at the Covo are more of the beach and water.


Covo Dei Saraceni Room
Covo Dei Saraceni Room


#6 Time of Year

Keep in mind that the ferry services on the beach near the Covo don’t run from about November to March. They are sporadic at best in April and October and run pretty much full time during May to September.

So that means if you’re staying at the Covo anytime from October through to April, you will be really limited in terms of transportation (since your main transportation is through the ferry service there). And especially at night, it can feel very quiet down there (which is maybe what you want – who knows).

But if you’re going during the high season months (May to September), you’ll have your pick of ferry times and places to visit.


positano day trip from rome
Ferry Dock At Positano


So those are some of the pros and cons of the Covo Dei Saraceni vs the Hotel Poseidon. Both are great choices and offer their own unique benefits. Hope it helps!

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