Getting From Your Positano Hotel to Rome

Several Ways To Get From Positano To Rome


Rome-mapLooking to get from Positano to Rome? There are a number of ways to do this – each with their own benefits and drawbacks. This post will give you several ideas on how to do it – cheaply and comfortably.

First of all, the most stress-free way to do it is to hire a private driver who will pick you up at your hotel and drive you on to Rome.

However this is the most expensive way to do it.  The last time I did this (when I didn’t know any better), it cost about $1000 or 650 Euro plus tip for 2 people. That breaks down to about $500 per person – pretty steep.

This isn’t surprising as the trip takes about 3 – 4 hours – and gas is pretty expensive in Italy. So this cost gets passed on to you.

car from positano to romeIf you still want the luxury and low stress option of a car service and you have more than 2 people, you can save money with a tour/car service like Viator.  Viator recently started offering cheaper car transfers from Positano to Rome (especially for multiple passengers).

They will pick you up from your Positano hotel (or another Amalfi coast hotel) and drive you to either the Rome airport or your Rome hotel. They can take from 1 to 9 people – and the more people in your party, the cheaper it is.

If you have 4 people for example, it’s about $250 per person (dollars, not Euros). And if you can get 6 people in your party, it’s about $175 per person.  Taking a car service is also much easier if you don’t want to lug your heavy bags on buses or trains.




Plus, I’ve used Viator for different tours in Paris and Rome before so I feel comfortable recommending them as I’ve never had a problem with any of their services. Click here to see their prices for private transfers from Positano to Rome.

So what if you don’t want to do the car service?

sita bus positano to romeWell, you can take the public SITA bus which runs through Positano to Sorrento. From Sorrento you can catch a train into Naples.

At the Naples train station you switch trains and take the train directly into the Rome train station. From there you’ll find buses to the airport – or you can take a cab to your hotel.

This is obviously much cheaper – and will probably run you about $100 tops depending on how many people are in your party.

However on the downside, you’ll be struggling with your bags (and on the SITA buses, there isn’t a lot of room as they are usually standing room only).

Plus, it will take much longer and is dependent on bus and train schedules. Still, if you’re up for the adventure and don’t mind waiting along the way, this might be a good option for you.


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If you’re staying down by the beach in Positano, another alternative would be to take the ferry/hydrofoil to Sorrento and then grab the train into Naples there (and from Naples take the train into Rome).

naples to romeAlternatively, once in Sorrento, you could also take another ferry from Sorrento to Naples and then from the port you could cab-it to the Naples train station to grab the train to Rome.

This might cost a bit more than the bus route above (and be a bit more expensive) but ferries do tend to have more space for your bags. Also keep in mind that ferries/hydrofoils don’t run during the low-peak season (November to April).

So those are several ways to get from Positano to Rome – depending on your budget, time schedule and preferences. If you know of any other options, please leave your comments below!


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