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Hotels in Positano With A Private Beach


positano hotels with private beach
Villa Tre Ville Private Beach

Looking for the ultimate in romance and privacy? Want to stay far away from the madding crowds? Then you’ll probably want to choose a hotel in Positano with a private beach.

There are a couple of these hotels – and they tend to be outside of the town itself. So while you’ll get stunning views of the coast and can take a free shuttle into town – you’ll also avoid the crowds of the town.

The following hotels offer you a private beach – click on the links for full reviews and more information:


hotels in positano with private beach#1 Villa Tre Ville

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This hotel used to be the private mega-villa of the legendary film maker Franco Zeffirelli and much of the opulence and style of the era has been maintained. It’s also a favorite with celebrities as well.

It is situated just on the outskirts of Positano, with its own private beach and a boat service to take you into Positano.

Each room has a unique theme and some rooms even come with private pools and terraces.  If you’re looking for privacy, elegance and fresh, organic food, this is a fantastic hotel to try. Be warned however – as it only has 15 rooms/suites, it fills up very quickly and must be booked well in advance.

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positano hotel with private beach#2 Il San Pietro Di Positano

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On the other side of Positano, this hotel is also built into the cliffs and gives you stunning views of Positano and Praiano.

The Il San Pietro Di Positano hotel has it’s own private beach which you can reach via an elevator that takes you down the cliffs from the main hotel. You can also walk down the stairs and enjoy the vegetables gardens and view along the way.

And you don’t even have to go back up to the hotel for lunch as there’s a small restaurant down on the beach (which serves lunch only – no breakfast or dinner).

With it’s own Michelin-star restaurant and 24 hour shuttle into town, this hotel is popular with those wanting privacy and romance! Note however that the hotel is closed yearly from November to March.

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Il San Pietro Private Beach
Il San Pietro Private Beach




Le Agavi Private Beach
Le Agavi Private Beach

#3 Hotel Le Agavi

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Built right into the cliffs, this 5-star hotel’s main entrance is at the top, near the road, with the rest of the rooms built below it, cascading down the mountain towards the beach. All of the rooms have their own terraces and stunning views of Positano, the coast and the water.

You take a funicular or cable car type elevator down to the private beach which is very cool – but not exactly ideal for those afraid of heights.

In addition to the private beach, the hotel also has a stunning pool with Jacuzzi, 3 restaurants and free shuttle into town.

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So those are 3 gorgeous Positano hotels with private beaches. Note that they are all 5 star hotels with great reputations! So it’s hard to go wrong!

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