Le Agavi Positano Hotel Video Review


Pros and Cons of Staying at Le Agavi Hotel

Le Agavi Hotel PositanoThe Le Agavi Positano is a five star luxury hotel located just outside the main town of Positano.

It’s built right into the cliffs and the rooms are built below the main entrance,┬ácascading down the mountain towards the (private)┬ábeach.

All of the rooms have their own terraces and stunning views of Positano, the coast and the water. Basically this is a very nice hotel.

But is it what you’re looking for? Here’s a video review we did of the Le Agavi Hotel in Positano laying out the pros and cons to help you decide (Click Here for the full written review and more pictures):


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Le Agavi Hotel Positano
Le Agavi Hotel Positano