Positano Hotel Vs Apartment – Which Should You Choose?


Benefits of Each


where to stay in PositanoTrying to decide between a Positano hotel vs apartment? Which is better? Where should you stay when in Positano? Well, each has it’s own benefits.

This article will lay out some things you may want to consider before deciding. (Note of caution: These are general tips and don’t always apply to each hotel or apartment).



Benefits of Positano Apartments:


#1 You Get More Space

Hotel rooms come in all different sizes in Positano. But for the most part they tend to be on the smaller side.

So if you need more room – for the kids or for a wedding party or family reunion – you may want the extra space that an apartment, suite or a villa gives you.


positano hotel vs apartment



#2 Your Own Kitchen

Most apartments come with their own kitchen or kitchenette. So if you want a more “living like a local” experience and want to shop at the market and make some of your own meals, this may be better for you.

It’s also a great choice if you have someone with severe food allergies as you have more control over the food you’re feeding them.

Villa Fiorentino Kitchen
Villa Fiorentino Kitchen

And another bizarre benefit is coffee makers. Most people won’t think about this but for some strange reason, most Positano hotels do not have coffee makers in the room.

But most apartments do. So if you like making your coffee throughout the day, this is worth considering.



#3 Your Own Laundry

Some apartments also come with your own washing machine – which can save you on the laundry services of a hotel. It also means that you don’t have to pack as much. If you travel with a carry-on only as I do these days, this is VERY handy.


#4 Cheaper?

Sometimes, an apartment is cheaper – but not always. It really depends on how many people are in your party, what kind of apartment you’re getting (luxury, standard, suite, etc.) and more.


#5 Last Minute Bookings

Positano is a small and VERY popular place to visit, especially from May to September. Good hotels can fill up a year or two in advance.

So what can you do if you just want to plan a last minute trip to Positano? Well, book an apartment through a servicd like VRBO Positano. Even at the last minute you’re likely to find somewhere nice to stay as most people don’t think about this option.



Where To Find Positano Apartments


You can find Positano apartment rental and villas on a couple of different sites. I find the best deals are at VRBO Positano (Vacation Rental By Owner). I’ve used them several times and they are easy to use, trustworthy and have some excellent deals.

You can also try the Hotels Positano which is starting to mix in some apartment and villa rentals into their hotel listings as well.



positano apartment vs hotel




Positano Apartment Reviews:

Villa Fiorentino

Palazzo Margherita

La Caravella




Benefits of Positano Hotels


#1 More Amenities

With hotels, you tend to get more amenities than with apartments – like 24 hour room service or 24 hour staff in attendance.


positano apartment vs hotel


You don’t get this with apartments or villas – meaning if something goes wrong with your room, you’ll have to wait for service with an apartment.

You also get little luxuries you may not get with an apartment like free Wifi, safes in room, fresh towels, etc.



Breakfast at le Sirenuse

#2 Free Breakfast

Most Positano hotels include a free buffet breakfast to start your day.

This not only saves you money – but some of these breakfasts are amazing, with fresh breads baked on site, fruit, eggs, nutella (of course!), pastries, meats, cheeses and to-die-for cappuccino.



#3 High Trust Factor

This is not to bash apartments or villa rentals as there are some amazing family run apartments in Positano. But a lot of people (especially us North Americans) just have a higher trust factor for hotels for some reason.

They want to book through a name they trust and they want to stay at a place with a proven track record and lots of online reviews.

This may be the case especially if it’s your first time to Positano and you don’t know the layout of the town just yet. That’s ok. Trust is important – take your time and book a place you feel comfortable with.



#4 Gym/Weight Room/Spa

If you need your exercise room – or really like your spa treatments on vacation, then a hotel is more likely to have this option.


positano hotel vs apartment



#5 Easy 24 Hour Check-in

A lot of apartments have limited hours for check-in – they don’t have staff on hand 24 hours a day to check you in and show you to your room. This can mean waiting around for long hours or rearranging your flight times to accommodate this. But with a hotel, it doesn’t matter when you get there.



Where To Find Positano Hotels


You can look at all the regular go-to hotel booking places like Expedia or Travelocity. However I have found Hotels Positano have some of the lowest prices. They also tend to have some rooms at popular hotels even when Expedia does not.



positano hotels and villas



Popular Positano Hotels:

Hotel Eden Roc

Palazzo Murat

Covo De Saraceni

Le Sirenuse


Bottom Line?

Where you stay in Positano is really dependent on your personal preferences, budget and travelling party.

Be aware that sometimes things can get a bit confusing. For example, one apartment might work exactly like an apartment (no room service, no Wifi, etc.)

But another apartment might add in some extras that a hotel would add in (like room service or free breakfast). So always make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you book. And remember – this is Positano after all – you really can’t go too far wrong!


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