Positano Vs Capri – Where Should You Stay?


Will It Be Positano or Capri?


positano vs capriTrying to decide between Positano and Capri?

Maybe you’re looking to stay in a hotel at one of these places – or even just plan a day visit.

First of all – both are beautiful. You really can’t go wrong with either one. Positano is a stunning town along the Amalfi coast that is built into the cliffs with amazing views.

Capri is an island just off the Amalfi coast that is known for jet-set shopping, beautiful scenery and amazing food.

So which should you choose? Here are some of the benefits of each of these places to help you decide.



positano vs capri
Positano at night

Benefits of Positano:

Positano started out as a sleepy fishing village however it has since grown into one of the most popular towns along the Amalfi coast.


The View

Regardless of where you are in this town, you’ll see spectacular beauty when you look around you, day and night.

Unike other towns along the coast, Positano was actually built into the cliffs – so it goes up instead of out sideways, like a regular town. This means amazing cascading buildings and meandering streets and vegetation.


positano vs capri view
Positano Balcony


The Shops

In Positano, there is a fun pedestrian shopping area starting mid town and going all the way down to the main beach. You’ll find everything from candies, leather loafers to gemstone jewelries and many more. Of course there’s also gelato and – Positano’s signature – amazing linen clothing.


The Beach

Positano has two main beaches (and a few more that are only reachable by boat). The main beach (Spiaggia Grande) is one of the largest beaches on the Amalfi coast. There’s also a more private beach – the Fornillo beach – that you can reach via a walking path from the main beach. So if you’re looking for prime beach space, Positano wins out in this case.


positano vs capri - beach



The Hotels

I’d have to say that Positano probably has fewer hotels than Capri (it is smaller after all). However almost all the hotels in Positano have amazing sea views. Whereas with many hotels in Capri, you’ll have to pay extra for a sea view.

Also, in general Positano hotels – while not on the cheap side – are still cheaper than similarly starred Capri hotels in many cases.



Ease of Travel

If you’re looking for a base town to tour the Amalfi coast, Positano would probably be better than Capri. This is because you have the bus option, the car option or the ferry option to visit the other towns. In Capri you have the ferry to see the other towns – and that’s it. And if the weather is bad, they shut the ferry down and you’re not going anywhere.


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Benefits of Capri:

Capri also has some amazing benefits – just the name itself conjures the feeling of a luxurious Mediterranean Island of history.


capri vs positano


Capri has been visited by writers, artists, intellectuals and travelers who are enthralled of its mystic charm. Capri gives you the following benefits:



More Options

Capri, being an entire island, gives you a few more hotel options on where to stay than Positano offers. You can stay in Capri proper – or stay in Anacapri, which is a bit more affordable and not as “touristy” as the main town of Capri.


capri vs positano



Amazing History and Hiking

There are a lot of fantastic hiking and historical trails around Capri you can explore. And there’s a lot of incredible natural views to take in. Plus you might find some hidden restaurant high up in the hills to relax at and while away the afternoon.

Capri does have a beach as well – however it’s not near the main town of Capri – you’ll need to take a cab. And it’s not as large as the two Positano beaches.



amalfi coast tours positano




While Positano does have Positano on the Rocks – a popular beach-front club – Capri probably has a better nightlife. You have a lot more choices when it comes to nightclubs, night shopping and restaurants in Capri.

Another thing people don’t realize about Capri is that – while it does get overrun with cruise ship tourists during the day, at night it settles down and is really beautiful.


capri vs positano


You can wander the streets, take in the beautiful gardens and feel like it’s just you and your loved one (but you can also take a few steps and find a crowded restaurant or club if you want to.)



Hotel Amenities

One final benefit is that because there’s more space to spread out in Capri (vs Positano), you’ll find it easier to get a hotel with a pool, gardens, etc.

So if you want to lounge by a massive pool all day feeling like a rock star, you can definitely do it in Capri.


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So those are some of the differences between Positano vs Capri. Which one is better?

I actually like both for different reasons. Capri is very mythical and mysterious (after all this is the home of the famous Blue Grotto!) And I’ve had some of the best gelato of my life in Capri. But it’s also very expensive and tends to be “upscale” (which makes some people uncomfortable).





On the other hand, Positano is much more laid back and not as pretentious or crowded during the day (although it can get crowded!) I think it is more beautiful in terms of views – and you’ll find it easier to visit other towns along the coast.

So it really just depends on what you’re looking for. Overall you can’t go wrong with either one – after all, you’re in Italy my friend! Relax and enjoy La Dolce Vita!



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