Shopping In Positano

Two Things That Are Unique To Positano


shopping-in-positano2If you’re just visiting Positano for a day or two (like on a cruise for example), you may be wondering what to buy that is “uniquely” Positano.

I always like to pick up one or two things from each city I go to – either as gifts for loved ones back home or for my own souvenir collection.

So with that in mind there are 2 things (and a possible 3rd) I would recommend that Positano is especially known for:


Hand Made Leather Sandals

shopping in positanoThere are a few places for this. But if you’re looking for a specific store, look for a place in the main shopping area called La Botteguccia da Giovanni.

This cobbler hand-makes shoes for visitors right in front of them. It’s really fun to watch!

Most of the shoes made by the cobbler are sandals. Visitors can explain what they would like, then watch as the shoes are made for them right in front of their eyes – talk about custom-made!

The shoes are lovely and the pricing is pretty affordable – they make a lovely Positano souvenir.

If you don’t want to wait, you can also find several stores that have lots of pre-made leather sandals you can try on and buy as well.



Linen Clothes

shopping in positano for linen clothesYou’ll find an amazing number of shops in Positano that sell gorgeous linen dresses, tops and pants.

In fact, talking to an Italian tour guide while on our last trip, he told us that Positano is known for their unique style of linen clothing. It’s both lightweight, breezy and fashionable.

Most Italians can tell when someone is from Positano (or when the shop in Positano) because of the unique style of these clothes. They are that well-known and recognized.

And the great part is that they are really affordable.

There’s always a sale going on – plus if you’re staying in Positano during the peak season when it’s crazy-hot, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for these cool-lightweight clothes.

Hint: Sometimes you can try bargaining with the shop owner for even lower prices – especially if you’re buying more than one item! They often will cut you a deal.

So those are 2 things to buy in Positano that are uniquely “Positano”. Want a third?




This isn’t necessarily unique to Positano – it’s more unique to the area in general. But it’s a lot of fun to drink – and people back home will love it.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, especially in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi,

It’s also actually produced in Sicily, Sardinia and Malta as well – basically it’s native to that region of the world.

It’s bright yellow and you can get some really prettily decorated bottles that make a really memorable gift for someone (of course you’ll also have to try it yourself – make the sacrifice).

So those are 3 things to shop for in Positano. You won’t find any problem picking them up here. Oh and of course, don’t forget the gelato!