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Top 8 Things To Do On Your Positano Vacation!


things-to-do-in-positanoPositano is a luxury getaway where many people relax on the beach or by stunning pools while drinking in gorgeous views of the Amalfi coast.

But if you want to get out and be active on your vacation, there are plenty of things to do in Positano as well.

Here are 8 of the most popular things to do in Positano (warning you’re DEFINITELY going to want to bring your camera along!):




#1 Hike the “Path of the Gods”


Positanopath-of-the-gods1 is an exquisitely stunning place. And there’s no better way to experience its beauty than by walking the Sentiero degli Dei Lemon Point footpath – also called the Footpath of the Gods.

Walking this path has been described as walking through paradise.

The name of the footpath technically translates to “The Gods’ Pathway.” As visitors walk along the pathway, they’ll see breathtaking panoramas, stone ruins, and much more.

They’ll also catch glimpses of grazing goats, old-world fountains and the gorgeous Mediterranean landscape.

The Sentiero degli Dei actually begins outside of Positano. People can start their journey in a place called Bomerano. This town can be reached from Positano by foot or by bus. Road signs clearly mark the start of the path.


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Although the walk is long – about three hours – it should be fairly easy even for inexperienced walkers. As long as people start from Bomerano, much of the walk is downhill. The path is smooth and comfortable, and there are numerous places where walkers can stop and take a break.

The road ends in a place called Nocelle, which is technically above Positano. At the end of the footpath is a steep, 1500 step path, which leads into the Arienzo beach.

things to do in positano - path of the godsOne thing a lot of people like to do after their long walk is to go directly from the path down to the beach for a refreshing swim in the sea.

This is an especially nice option during the summer months. From the beach, the center of Positano is only a short walk away.

The Sentiero degli Dei footpath is just under 5 miles, so be prepared for a long walk. It’s a good idea to bring water, snacks, and dress in layered clothing.

If you’re nervous about doing that long a walk, there are various pick up points along the path. If you want to use a car service, the driver will be more than happy to pick you up and take you back to the village if you can’t walk any further.




#2 Relax At the Secluded Bagni D’Arienzo


things to do in Positano - arienzo-beach  There are a number of lovely beaches in Positano, but none of them can rival the beauty of Bagni d’Arienzo. This beach really has a little bit of everything.

There’s clear, beautiful water. There are rocks from which to jump. There are boats to rent and other water sports you can try as well.

Best of all, the beach is completely secluded. When you’re there, it feels as if you’re experiencing something hidden away from the outside world.

Because the Arienzo beach is secluded, getting to it is a bit of a challenge. There are two options available.

It can be reached via the steps at the end of the Sentiero degli Dei (see above), or it can be reached by boat. The boat rides are free and fairly scenic. Boats go from downtown Positano to the beach about once every half hour. They leave from a number of Positano’s hotels.

There’s a fee required to access the beach, but it’s minimal. Visitors will also have to pay if they want to rent chairs, but again, pricing is quite affordable and pretty standard for nice beaches in Italy.

While on the beach, there are several places you can grab a meal or enjoy a tropical drink. The restaurants/cafes primarily serve seafood, but other types of food are available as well.

things to do in positano - beach

Many people arrive at the beach early in the morning on the first boat ride over, rent some chairs, and then spend the entire day enjoying the water, eating good food, and soaking up the sun.

Note that the Arienzo beach is a pebble beach rather than a sand beach. Although this is typical of beaches on the Amalfi Coast, it can feel very unique and memorable to people who aren’t used to this type of beach.

The sun also shines longer here than it does on any other beach in Positano. It can be enjoyed from early in the morning until late into the night.



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 #3 Rock Out at Music on the Rocks


music-on-the-rocksDuring the day, Positano feels like a town that’s been hidden away from the rest of the world. Even in the middle of tourist season, it’s fairly quiet.

However, there is plenty of life in this village. It can easily be seen at night, especially at a club like Music on the Rocks.

Music on the Rocks is a nightclub that is quite literally located inside of a giant rock. If it’s viewed from the outside, it won’t look like a club at all – just another mountain. You have to step inside to get an idea of what the place is really like.

Several types of music play from within Music on the Rock’s rocky walls. There’s traditional Italian disco music played by a DJ, but live music can also be enjoyed here too.

music-on-the-rocks3On some nights, the club becomes a piano bar, and visitors can enjoy songs from one of Positano’s foremost pianists.

Because of the rocky walls, the sound quality in Music on the Rocks is amazing – and definitely something to be experienced. If you enjoy live music, you should definitely make a point of catching a show here.

The club’s music schedule can easily be accessed via either phone or the internet.

It should be noted that drinks in the club are pretty expensive. You’ll also have to pay a small entry or service charge. However, on the upside, there’s no pressure to order round after round of drinks. The staff is very courteous even to people who only order a single drink.




#4 Take A Trip to the Emerald Grotto


things to do in Positano - emerald-grottoThe Emerald Grotto – also know as the Grotta di Smeraldo, is a gorgeous cave that has a number of fascinating geological structures.

The cave’s name comes from its water, which has a stunning emerald green color. When viewed from the inside, it looks as though the water has been lit up from below.

In order to view the cave, you have to be rowed in by boat. Many boaters will row visitors to the cave throughout the day.

You can usually schedule a trip by talking to your hotel staff to arrange it. You can also go down to the main beach and ask around as there are usually a lot of private boat tours/trips being sold down there every day during peak summer months.



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In order to get the full effect of the water, the grotto should be viewed on a sunny day. This will allow you to see the water at its brightest and most brilliant.

Visiting a cave on a sunny day may feel like a waste of time, but trips through the grotto won’t take long. The full experience is more than worth any minor inconveniences.



#5 Get Hand Made Shoes From La Botteguccia Da Giovani


Wsandalshen it comes to tourist attractions, a shoe shop may not sound like something very exciting. However, La Botteguccia da Giovanni offers a really unique “Positano” experience.

This cobbler hand-makes shoes for visitors right in front of them. It’s quite impressive to watch.

Most of the shoes made by the cobbler are sandals. Visitors can explain what they would like, then watch as the shoes are made for them in front of their very eyes.

The shoes are lovely, and the pricing is quite affordable for a pair of handmade shoes. These sandals make a lovely Positano souvenir.

Even if you’re not interested in buying new shoes you might still want to walk by this shop. The shoemaking process is fascinating, especially when shoes are made so quickly. On warm days, the cobbler makes shoes right outside in the streets.



#6 Take The Ferry To Capri


Vcapri1isiting the mystical Isle of Capri is something many Positano visitors choose to do as it’s so easy and affordable. You can easily make it a day trip and get back in time for a relaxing, delicious dinner on your balcony.

Capri is a gorgeous, lush island that has a ton of sites to see (including visiting the blue grotto – similar the emerald grotto above). You can get a ferry (hydrofoil) directly from the main beach in Positano.

capri-coastlineUnlike some other places along the Amalfi coast (like Sorrento, Ischia and Amalfi town), ferries to Capri run pretty frequently during the peak summer season. And there are several companies that run ferries – so you can pick and choose.

Note however that Capri is about ten times worse for tourist crowds than Positano – especially during the day when the cruise ship passengers descend.

So your best bet when going to Capri might be to check and see how many cruise ships are in the port of Naples that day (I like this site, but you can find others too) and go when there are as few cruise ships in port as possible.




#7 Take In The Birds of Prey Show


birds-of-preyYou can see a lot of different birds throughout the Positano landscape. There are giant vultures, noble-looking hawks, falcons, owls, and more.

While you can see these birds as you explore the village, you have the chance to admire their beauty at the Birds of Prey show.

This show gives visitors a close-up look at all of the birds of prey that can be found in Positano. Visitors are driven to the top of a high hill before the show begins. There, they will find both guides and an assortment of birds.

The guides will show off each bird and provide an explanation of how that bird lives. Visitors will learn how the birds hunt, fly, and so much more. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, and speak English very well. They are more than happy to answer any additional questions visitors have.


In addition, the guides are happy to give you hands-on time with the birds. Visitors will have opportunities to touch or even hold the birds that are part of the show. This can be especially exciting for families.

So if you’re looking for a cool educational  experience in Positano, this is a great way to spend an hour. Ask the hotel staff about show times and transportation.


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#8 Ask Your Hotel

DBuca Di Bacco Frontepending on where you’re staying, your hotel might have something really special you can do. For example, the Buca Di Bacco offers cooking classes where you can learn to make pasta like Mama! Other hotels offer wine tasting classes or cooking classes.

The Palazzo Murat has it’s own boat that you can take for a free 2 hour cruise of the Amalfi coast – and even swim in the Mediterranean if you want.

Other hotels may have special dinners on certain nights or arrange free shuttles for you to restaurants higher up in Positano (like La Tagliatta – a must try!) So it never hurts to see what your hotel can offer you.

So those are the top 8 things to do in Positano. Of course a lot of people use Positano as a base to see the entire Amalfi coast. You can easily visit Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello and Praiano. You can also visit the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well.

Bottom line? There are lots of things to do in Positano – regardless of whether you want to sightsee, take in the Amalfi coast or just sit back and enjoy gourmet food and stunning views!


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