How To Visit Positano On A Cruise

Tips For Getting Here On A Cruise Stop


celebrity-cruise-shipWondering if you should visit Positano on a cruise? Wondering HOW to visit Positano on your cruise?

Visiting Positano is quite easy to do on a cruise. In fact, one of the ways I discovered Positano was through a Mediterranean cruise.

The downside to doing it this way however is that usually you’ll only have one day to see Positano (and if you’re trying to visit other places on the Amalfi Coast, this also cuts down your time tremendously). So you’ll really only get a small taste of the town if you’re doing it while on a cruise.

In my opinion, you really only get the true magic of Positano by staying at least 3 days or more. But if all you have is a cruise and you want to see Positano, here are some tips:



Port of Naples:

naplesMany of the popular cruise lines like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity that have Mediterranean cruises will stop at the Port of Naples. From the port of Naples, you have a few options.

Most cruises will offer a few select tours that visit Positano. These tend to be limited because Positano is small and does not allow the huge cruise ship buses in.

So you’ll probably be in a smaller van to get into Positano. Also, because the cruise tours are limited, they tend to fill up quickly. And they can be on the expensive side



Another option is to take a private tour (not with the cruise ship) shore excursion from Naples that includes Positano in the itinerary. There are lots of companies that do this.

I like to go with tour companies with a good reputation like Viator – Click here to see a list of all of their shore excursions from Naples.

The advantage to this is that you can save money – over the cruise ship options. And you have more flexibility (depending on the tour you choose) to see what you want on your schedule.



Another option for do-it-yourselfers is to take a ferry/hydrofoil from the port of Naples to Sorrento. Then from Sorrento you can grab the local SITA bus to Positano. This is the cheapest (and most adventurous) way to see Positano from a cruise. Just make sure you have checked the ferry and bus times before you leave for your cruise as they sometimes change.


From Sorrento:

sorrento port
Sorrento Port

Some of the higher end luxury cruise lines like Azamara, Regent and Seabourne  with smaller ships can actually dock in Sorrento. This makes things even easier since you have a bit more time to explore Sorrento before leaving for Positano.

You can take a tour with your cruise ship or go with Viator’s Sorrento Shore Excursions.

You can take the SITA buses directly into Positano for a few Euros. You can also grab a cab (but it costs more – so make sure to negotiate the price up front first).

From the port, there are also a number of ferry/hydrofoil services that make the run back and forth to Positano. This way you can also get views of the amazing Amalfi coast from the water. Just be sure to check on the time of the ferry BACK from Positano to give yourself enough time to board the ship in Sorrento.

So those are some ways to visit Positano on a cruise. Again, you’re not going to get the full taste of Positano in a day – but I guarantee you’ll LOVE your visit and wish you were there for longer!


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