Where To Stay In Positano – Best Location?

Beach Hotel Vs In Town?


positano-balcony2-girlsWhen it comes to Positano hotels – it’s really all about the location. This is more so because of the unique stacked layout of the town itself.

You can find hotels on the beach and all the way up through the pedestrian shopping area in town and even further up to the main road the runs through the top of Positano.

So where should you stay? This article will give you the benefits – and drawbacks of choosing a hotel right on the beach (or a few steps to it) vs a hotel higher up on the top of the town.


Benefits of Positano Beach Hotels:


positano-beachMany people want to stay down by the main beach of Positano (Spiaggia Grande) – and for good reason. The main benefits are:

#1 You’re right on the beach. This saves time every morning when you travel to the beach. It’s also great if you have kids that you don’t want to carry on a long walk down to the beach every day.

#2 You don’t have to walk a lot of stairs every night to get back to your hotel (which, depending on where your hotel is, can be quite strenuous). While there is an internal bus that can take you to your hotel – this can get busy. And you’ll still have to walk up through the pedestrian-only area to get the bus.

#3 If you have any kind of knee problems or mobility issues, staying on the beach is ideal since again, you won’t have to walk up the stairs or uphill on the roads for long stretches of a time.


positano hotels and villas


#4 You’re 2 minutes away from the ferries. You can find a selection of ferries/hydrofoils at the beach that will take you to Capri, Ischia, Sorrento and Amalfi during the peak tourist season.

#5 If you’re arriving to Positano by ferry, it’s much easier to take your bags to the hotel. You won’t have to lug them up several flights of stairs to get to a hotel up in the hills.

This makes it easy to explore the Amalfi coast from your base in Positano – and you’ll probably be one of the first in line, which is great because these boats can fill up quickly.


where to stay in positano - best location
Ferry Dock At Positano


What are the drawbacks to staying right near the beach?


#1 If you’re driving into Positano, you will have to park at a separate garage higher up the hill. This means if you’ll be doing a lot of driving, you’ll have to hike up every time you want to get to your car – and that can be a fair way if you’re staying at a place on the beach.

#2 If you’re arriving by private car or by bus, you’ll have to hike down to the beach with your bags (and back up when leaving). However if you call ahead, many hotels will send a porter to take your bags for you.



#3 If you’re staying in off-peak season (November to April), the ferries will not be running. So while a beach view is nice – you won’t be able to explore the Amalfi coast by boat.

#4 Hotels on the beach tend to be more expensive and fill up quicker than hotels further up the hill (that’s also because there are less of them as well – supply is quite limited).


Positano Hotels On the Beach:


Beach View From Covo Dei Saraceni Hotel
Beach View From Covo De Saraceni

Covo Dei Saraceni  5 Stars

Buca Di Bacco  4 Stars

Hotel Pupetto 3 Stars







Benefits of Hotels Higher Up the Hill:

So you may think that a beach hotel is the best choice – but staying at a place higher up the hills in town or higher can also have some great benefits as well. Here they are:

Hotel Poseidon Balcony View#1 Incredible views: With Positano, the higher up you go, the more incredible a view you can get.

There’s nothing like having coffee on your balcony every morning drinking in the beautiful cascading cliffs of the Amalfi coast. That alone can make your trip a dream-worthy experience.

#2 If you’re driving to Positano, you’ll be able to park closer to your hotel (and sometimes at the hotel itself). This makes it much easier to take day trips than if you’re staying on the beach.

#3 If you’re planning on seeing the Amalfi coast by taking the local bus, this may also be easier as many hotels on the hill are close to one of the two main bus stops in Positano. So you’ll have a lot less walking to do.


positano hotel deals



#4 If you’re staying in Positano in the off-peak season, it will also be easier to explore the Amalfi coast by bus or car – as ferries down on the beach don’t run in the off-peak season.

#5 Save money. Hotels further up the hill tend to be much more affordable than the beach hotels. So if you’re on a limited budget, you can still afford to stay at a beautiful place in Positano – further up the hill.

#6 Easier to book last minute. Positano in general fills up very quickly. In fact it’s not unusual to see 90% or more hotels being filled one or two months in advance of the peak season. But even if you’re booking last minute, chances are high you can still find a decent place to stay if you’re willing to find a hotel a bit higher up in the town.


So what’s the downside to staying higher up the hill?


Positano stairs#1 Walking stairs. This is the biggest downside here. The higher up you stay, the more stairs (or uphill roads) you’ll have to walk just to get back to your hotel every night, which can be a pain.

There is an internal bus that you can take for a few Euros that will drop you off very close to your hotel if you don’t want to walk. Just be aware that this bus can get quite busy towards the end of the day when everyone is coming home from the beach.

#2 Longer walk to the beach and shops. You’ll have a longer walk down to the shopping area and the beach. This isn’t as bad as #1 though – as walking down isn’t as bad as walking up. And it can be a great way to enjoy the town in the early morning.

#3 It’s more inconvenient if you’re exploring the Amalfi coast by ferry. This is for the same reason as #2 – it just takes longer to get down there in the morning.

So staying higher up on the hill does have a lot of benefits (and a few drawbacks).

Some of the most popular hotels that are situated further up the hill (and give you stunning views) are:


View From Hotel Eden Roc
View From Hotel Eden Roc

Hotel Eden Roc 4 Stars

Villa Franca 4 Stars

Hotel Poseidon 4 Stars



So those are some of the main benefits and drawbacks to beach vs hill hotels in Positano. Still not sure where to stay?

Click this link and use the map (you’ll have to scroll in a bit) to see a visual layout of which hotels are closer to the beach or closer to the main road. It’s really easy and you can also find hotels that rate well with visitors (verified stays) as well.




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